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The Baby Grand

3.15PM Saturday 19 April

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Teenage Sexuality
Dir. Connor Clements - N. Ireland - 2007 - 17 mins

Farewell Packets of Ten
Ethel and Nancy have tried giving up the fags before, but haven’t had much luck. This banter explores the pros, but mostly the cons of the dreaded weed. Dir. Ken Wardrop - Ireland - 2007 - 3 mins

Randall is a male nurse and talks about the love of his life. Dir. Fran Apprich - N. Ireland - 2007 - 8 mins

Speedles Tower
The magical story of Speedle. An evocative tale of courage, beauty and sacrifice. Dir. Anna Fitzsimons & Richard Davis - N. Ireland - 2007 - 9 mins

GR8 Orbit
A visual exploration of life and death - a young soul attempts to escape from a dreamlike state of euphoria before it turns into a nightmare. Dir. Brian Philip Davis - N.Ireland - 2007 - 6 mins

Out of Tune
Maria plays an out of tune piano on the stage of a strip club. Her mind is elsewhere until she is brought back down to earth by the simple youthful honesty of Emma. Dir. Fran Apprich - N. Ireland - 2007 - 7 mins

The Elephant and the Seagull
A desolate beach resort on a dark winter’s day sees an old man offer a young girl shelter from the coming storm. Dir. Michael Kinirons - Ireland - 2007 - 13 mins

One Sunny Morning
Dir. Jason Butler - Ireland - 2007 - 8 mins

After years of faithful but uneventful service to the biggest supermarket in town - shelf stacker Gary has a day that will change his life forever. Dir. Brian Philip Davis - N. Ireland - 2007 -
13 mins

Up For Air
The comedic story of Simon Mooney, a young man going nowhere fast. A chance meeting with his old school teacher brings the memories flooding back. Dir. Mark Hodkinson/Ritchie Conroy - Ireland - 2007 - 10 mins

Trick or Treat
It’s Halloween night and a young couple Kate and Sam are settling in after some pleasant trick or treaters come to the door. But things take a turn for the worse with the arrival of
a mysterious woman. Dir. Rob Kennedy - Ireland - 2007 - 7 mins

An Cailleach Bhéarra - The Old Woman of Bearra
Dir. Naomi Wilson – Ireland - 2007 - 8 mins

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Jameson Short Film Competition - Programme 1

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Terror’s Advocate

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